Zaloudek's Marine Testimonials

"Speaking of a Lund Boat & Honda Engine"

So far it's been a really great boat!  Runs like a top!!

Just a few snaps from boat side came off.  Can you point me in the right direction to get a kit type thing to fix those ones that came off?

Again Jim, that thing runs well.  Runs real easy in choppy water, it only requires a slight trim adjustment and it moves pretty fast.  That Honda is crazy quiet.  I had the radio on (not much volume) and did not hear the motor until someone asked when i was going to shut off the motor. hehe

That motorguide motor is amazing.  I had heard how good it functions but never knew.  It was windy as heck out with small chopping waves... gps and anchor function made that boat sit exactly where I told it.

Pulling the boat down the HWY was easy enough and it pulls nice.  I wondered when I bought it if single axle was a mistake... I was wrong.  That thing just keeps trucking.  No weaving and the brakes work well.  I put on 2400 miles on the trailer tires just getting here.

I'll try and get some pics sent out.

Try to not get too hot down that way.  Saturday and Sunday here did not see temps over 60.  It's been a gorgeous 80+ everyday since.  If you have never been to Maine... you would enjoy it.

I get lots of compliments on the setup.  I'm telling them where I bought it and they look at me like I'm crazy.  I keep telling them then they have never been lucky enough to find "the boat".

Thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service during the purchasing process.  All calls and other media sources were always either answered promptly shortly thereafter.  My gps points to your dealership for any future purchases and I will offer your organization's good name for potential sales.



It made all the difference!


Jim & Richard,
Just a note to thank you for the professional and efficient way our service was handled.

                            Dick & Sue Davis
                            Bartlesville, OK


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