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Zaloudek's Marine Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailers Service Wagon 5' Wide

Ready to roll...Work or play!

The user-friendly Service Wagon is eager to please and ready to follow. Just hitch this agile trailer to the back of almost any sized tow vehicle and you're ready to tackle the most formidable "to do" list.

Whether it's camping gear for the scout troop, supplies for your catering business, or tools for the job site, the Wells Cargo Service Wagon is up to the challenge. And, just like the larger trailers in our cargo trailer line, the Service Wagon doesn't skimp on quality. You can tell by our advanced design, top-notch components, and fit & finish that we're serious about our position as the industry leader. Turn to Wells Cargo if you're serious about getting a great value. 



 Zaloudek's Marine Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailers - Front View Service Wagon 5' Wide


Zaloudek's Marine Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailers Service Wagon 5' Wide

Wells Cargo Engineering

Zaloudek's Marine Wells Cargo Enclosed Trailer Mini Wagon 4' Wide Engineering



1) A-Frame Single Axle: 2-piece Integrated A-Frame
Tandem Axles: 3-piece Integrated A-Frame with center tube anchored to tube crossmember
2) Jack Ram 2000 lb with Removable Sand Pad
3) Main Frame Heavy-Duty Tubular Steel Main Rails
4) Front & Rear Corners Radius steel cornerposts, front & rear, extend to bottom of frame for maximum welding surface for long lasting durability.
5) Front Wall Vertical Posts on 16" Centers with Heavy Gauge Full Width End Rail
6) Vertical Supports 1 1/8" Hat Section on 16" Centers
7) Roof Supports Galvanized Roof Bows on 24" Centers
8) Axle Torflex® with EZ Lube & Brake Flange
9) Tires/Wheels Goodyear® Radial Tires with E-Coated Silver Spoke Wheals
10) Corrosion Prevention Measures Complete Chassis Undercoated with CPC.  All Exposed Steel Frame Surfaces are Primed & Painted.  Electrolysis Barrier between Frame & Aluminum Exterior Skin.
11) 12-Volt Wiring Run Inside Frame with no exposed wiring
12) Junction Box Easy Access Junction Box inside trailer & on A-frame
13) Exterior Lighting All exterior lighting including clearance, marker & brake lights are 12-Volt LED
14) Flooring 3/4" Plywood Floor with Exterior Surface Undercoated & Interior Surface Painted Gray
15) Interior Sidewalls 1/4" Plywood Trimmed with "H" Moldings
16) Exterior Skin .030 Aluminum (11 colors)4', 5' & 6' wide models are Bonded
17) Fenders Single Axle: Aluminum Tread Plate
Tandem Axles: aluminum Mill Finish
18) Roof 1-Piece Aluminum (8' & Wide Body Models -- Galvanized Steel)
19) Roof Cove .080 Extruded Anodized Aluminum Cove with Drip Rail
20) Fasteners Corrosion Resistant Stalguard® Coated
21) Hinges (Swing Doors) Aluminum or Steel Strap with Zirk Fittings
22) Hinges (Ramp Doors) 3/4" Pin Full Width (Not Shown)
23) Door Latching Aluminum Anti-Rack Cam with Stainless Steel Hasp

Wells Cargo has been building enclosed trailers for over 50 years. That kind of experience is hard to find and it makes a real difference. We've leveraged that experience and apply it everyday in our manufacturing techniques. We call it "Smart Technology". You'll see it throughout our trailers; and better yet, you'll appreciate it after years of carefree service. Look for our Smart Technology in the following areas:

SmartFrame Technology: The strongest frame design in the industry and the source of our legendary durability. Tubular steel main rails, radius cornerposts (front & rear), and fully integrated A-Frame are just a few examples. These frame photos (above) highlight many others.

 SmartWire Technology: All 12 volt wiring is completely weather protected with no direct exposure to the elements or road hazards. The molded, 4-wire cable is routed inside the tubular main rail. All brake wiring is run through conduit into a welded channel on the axle. Brake wiring is shielded by a plastic loom and the connections are made inside a water resistant cap.

SmartShield Technology: Every Wells Cargo chassis is protected with a laboratory tested, Corrosion Preventative Compound (CPC), to deter the accumulation of rust. Painted steel surfaces feature a state-of-the-art two-stage process including both an epoxy primer coat and urethane top coat for a smooth, long lasting finish. Also, a special corrosion barrier is applied between the steel frame and aluminum skin to prevent electrolysis.


With Wells Cargo’s large assortment of job-proven options, You can hand pick options to create a tailor-made cargo trailer that perfectly fits your needs.



WC-P1: Side Door Package
WC-P2: Side & Ramp Door Package
WC-P3: Basic Electrical package
WC-P4: Deluxe Electrical Package
WC-P5: Safety package
WC-P6: Flash Package
sport Package (Service Wagon)



Model SW8

Model SW10

Body Width 5'0" 5'0"
Body Length 8'6" 10'0"
Overall Length 12'0" 13'6"
Overall Width 6'10" 6'10"
Overall Height 6'9" 6'9"
Interior Length 8'3" 9'9"
Interior Width 4'9" 4'9"
Interior Height 5'0" 5'0"
Platform Height 18" 18"
Axle: Quantity Single Single
Axle: Type 4" Drop 4" Drop
Brakes No No
Suspension Torflex Torflex
Tire Size 15" 15"
Load Range C C
Wheel Bolt Pattern 5-Bolt/4.5 5-Bolt/4.5
Hitch Ball Size 2" 2"
Hitch To Top of Ball 17" 17"
Hitch Weight (LB.) 10-15% 10-15%
Curb Weight (LB.) 820 880
GVWR (LB.) 2750 2750
GAWR (LB.) 2500 2500
AVG. Payload Capacity 1930 1870
Rear Door Style Double Double
Door: Width 52 1/2" 52 1/2"
Door: Height 51" 51"
12V Trailer End Connector 4-Way 4-Way